Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Downton Ab-ulous!

"You look like a real soldier!"
"I am a real soldier, thank you very much, now come here and give me a kiss"

Aaaaaaahhhhh Downton Abbey!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Team Asia

Kit and I have been planning out this wacky plot diversion in the Aces universe for a long, long time! It's inspired by the world's bubbliest K-Pop group SNSD (Girls Generation) and we applied it to Yuka with generous, sweeping strokes:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Emma in Sleepytown

Emma's pie-in-the-sky Little Nemo tribute

<3 EmStein

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Archie Out Of Context


I was recently introduced to the Tumblr "Archie Out of Context" (http://archieoutofcontext.tumblr.com/). I fell head-over-heels in love, half because I'm the queen of misplaced bawdy sauciness, and half because, as a former Archie Comics reader and a current Archie Comics hoarder, I have seen approximately 65% of the panels in their original contexts!

Marvy, huh? So I scoured my old comics and decontextualized some Archies of my own! (It would seem, regretfully, that the good people at Archie Comics don't know how to make food that isn't a questionable shade of white...)

Mischeiviously Yours, Emma

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aces Meets Norman Rockwell (Emma Squeals Consquently)

Even when writing my IB extended essay on Norman Rockwell, your girl Emma never forgets about her baby Aces (http://www.acescomic.com/)

Maybe this holiday season, I will get to do an Aces/Rockwell crossover as a present from Kit (or cardigans. Cardigans are also good).

Aja's Rockwellian spirit falls more in the category of Rockwell's "Four Freedoms" period when he had an ambition to make "big" art. It fits because Aja, everyone's favorite pseudo-Disney princess just wants moooorrrrreee...
I chose to pair Dan with some of Rockwell's more self-aware, autobiographical stuff (he puts himself in his paintings A LOT) because Dan, as chill as he is, can be as self-conscious and self-critical as a 13-year-old girl on steroids sometimes.
Willie Gillis was the "average American boy gone to war" Rockwell used to summarize the World War 2 experience. While our charming son-of-a-devil Fifth is anything but average, I thought he would blend in perfectly with Rockwell's depiction of a lofty college-boy in repose. Sweater and all.

Oh, Harper Jane Starch. You are so damn special, you get to be paired with Rosie the Riveter (the REAL version, not frooping "We Can Do It") because you have beautiful big arms and a can-do attitude. As for "The Art Critic", Rockwell has several drafts of the woman in the portrait (he had to get her juuuusst right) and I have the same process trying to be exact with illustrating Harps sometimes.

Moses and Yuka are the perfect, dewy-eyed, innocuous, pre-war Rockwell couple (think his 1920's work). Kit and I often compare Moses and Yuka to a modern George and Emily from Our Town, and I definitely feel that also applies to Rockwell's bygone-era sweethearts. The anti-snark.

Part of my extended essay focuses on how Rockwell included women in his sideways illustrations of American democracy. I think Rosie has very few hesitations when it comes to her gender and how involved she should/shouldn't get, so it really fits. It's spooky how much this painting screams "Fifth and Rosie" to me.

Rosie: Aces' spunky, moxie-riddled heroine with the schedule of a thousand deadlines. During World War 2, Rockwell anything-but-overlooked the hardworking ladies on the homefront and celebrated their efforts, whether it was through illustrating them as roughhewn war-angels or by cheekily poking fun at the overworked woman. Kit and I certainly do both to Miss Rosie Russell, acknowledging her smarts and morals and making her stress a constant punchline.

Rock Hard and Rock Well, Young People of America!

Love, Emma

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nilbog is Goblin Spelled Backwards!

(Highly idealized version of me!)

(The Tobiest of Troppers)